Outspoken Time’s Up activist Amber Tamblyn is speaking out about the changes that have happened at home since her husband David Cross was accused of racism and sexism.

In October of 2017, comedian Charlyne Yi accused the 54-year-old of using racist epithets when they met, asking if she spoke English and peppering his speech with “ching chongs.”

“Basically he was rightfully accused of doing something racist to the comedian, Charlyne Yi,” Tamblyn, 35, told Sam Sanders on NPR’s “It’s Been a Minute” Tuesday. “You know, I think the jokes that work for white guys and their white guy comedian friends don’t work, always, for women of color.”

She claimed the controversy led to “difficult conversations” at home. Making matters worse she said, he recently defended Arrested Development co-star Jeffrey Tambor, who has been accused of sexual harassment and verbally berating co-star Jessica Walter on-set. In an interview with The New York Times, he spoke over a crying Walter in his defense of Tambor.


Previously, Tamblyn requested that she not be held accountable for Cross’ actions, but it seems she has reconsidered, and is actively attempting to correct and guide him.

“Believe me, his eyes are open to that now, if they weren’t before. And this is what it took to have that change,” Tamblyn said. “Some men don’t change. The thing I can say about David, that I love so much about him, is that he changes.”

“Part of his introspection and his sensitivity is that he’s aware of that,” she added. “And I think, same thing goes for the … talking over Jessica Walter’s incident that happened recently. The Arrested Development press tour. I think it was a similar experience where … it’s just a continual sense of getting them to open their eyes and getting them to see either how they’re helping or they’re not helping. I helped him to see.”

Source: Pulse of Radio