After appearing on The Walking Dead for the last time Sunday night, Andrew Lincoln sounded off on the AMC show with The New York Times.

He says that he shared many fans’ distress at the death of Steven Yeun’s Glenn.

“Because Steven Yeun was such an important part of the rhythm of my years,” Lincoln said. “If anything, it’s probably like being in a boy band — you only have each other as a reference point. And then they start taking them away from you.”

Plus, he didn’t like the way Glenn was killed (with a baseball bat until his eye popped out).

“We’ve been able to terrify people in film for 100 years without having to show an eyeball,” Lincoln said. “When that happens, it diminishes what we’re trying to make, which in my mind’s eye is a family drama set in hell. It’s not a sort of B-movie gore-fest.” Lincoln also suggested that “it would be more disturbing just keeping the camera on Maggie’s face,” and that “maybe that’s why I want to direct, because I want to make what I’ve been filming in my head.”


Meanwhile, AMC is planning to expand the universe of The Walking Dead, with a series of three films set to begin production next year.

“It's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning. And I like the idea that we get to tell a bigger story, maybe with a sort of wider vista,” Lincoln said on The Talking Dead, AMC's after-show about the zombie hit. “I've always been interested in what's going on out there, you know, whether or not there is contact with the wider world.”

Lincoln himself will lead the films, which will tell the story of what happened to him post-show. Fan favorites Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol) have also signed new deals. Reedus, who also hosts and exec produces AMC's motorcycle series Ride With Norman Reedus, will make $350,000 per episode on top of additional guarantees and advances in a deal that sources say could be worth anywhere from $50 million to $90 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

McBride will earn an estimated $20 million over three years, per THR.

Source: Pulse of Radio