Just when everyone thought reality TV wasn’t real, Hannah Brown opened up about how her post-Bachelorette journey is affecting her mental health. Recap for anyone who missed it: Brown got engaged to Jed Wyatt then dumped on national TV because of alleged shady texts between him and his ex during the show, then she asked Tyler Cameron out, had a sleepover with him, only to find out a few days later he’d moved on with supermodel Gigi Hadid.

On Instagram she wrote: “Honest policy: I’m struggling. Life is so different. Since last August, I’ve been a pageant queen, a bachelor contestant, and the Bachelorette. I’ve been in love with multiple people, I got engaged, I broke off an engagement, and I shared it all with millions of people.”

Brown also noted that her decision to open up about sex meant that “faith has been questioned by thousands who don’t know” her heart. “My transparency with my decisions has labeled me promiscuous. Simultaneously, I’ve become a role model for young women and started bigger conversations around faith, and sex.”

Brown shared that she’s learning to juggle the “opportunities galore” that have been presented to her following the show, all while living on her own for the first time.

“I miss my friends and family that have watched my life explode. I feel guilty because I don’t have the time or emotional capacity to fill each of them in on my life right now. I can’t keep up with the people that matter most, because I can barely keep up with my own life right now,” she wrote before explaining that she’s “not complaining” about the past year.

“The woman who has emerged would shock the mirror-image young girl from a year ago. I have so many blessings to be thankful for. However it’s uncharted territory for me, and it’s been hard to really process what the heck is going on,” she shared. “Maybe I needed to write this out to remind myself I’m human and it’s okay to be overwhelmed … life is beautiful, but wild. I think it’s okay to be strong — to know you’re strong — but to still feel weak … I believe that’s when the magic happens.”

But fans and members of Bachelor Nation came out swinging for her. Former Bachelor Colton Underwood wrote: “Nailed it. Keep being you HB… proud of you!”

Cassie Randolph said: “So much truth in this post!! I could not have said it any better. Life is wild but beautiful. And so unexpected. It’s hard to complain because there is so much good, but it’s also easy to get overwhelmed. I think the biggest thing is searching for balance…Which is MUCH harder to find than one would think! Thanks for this nice little reminder and you’re doing such a great job with everything.”

A former suitor, Connor Saeli, wrote: “Keep doing your thing HB! We all support you!” Brown replied, “Thanks Connor! I'm excited to see what's next for you!”