You read that right, Bella Thorne has 19 cats! In a sprawling new interview in the Los Angeles Times, Thorne admits she’s to blame for the cat situation by refusing to spay her first cat Lola. She also weighed in on everything from her Instagram following to her previous experiences with sexual abuse.


Her cat food, and her $2 million home, is largely funded via her Instagram fan base. As she tells LAT, she gets paid $65K to blast ads to her 18.2 million followers. From the funds she has accrued, she painted the exterior of her home violet, purchased a hand-painted 12-foot unicorn statue and built a castle for her cats.

Her bathroom features notes on her ceiling that read: “Follow your instincts, Bella” and “Your worst mistake is your best advice.”


Thorne got her start on Disney’s Shake It Up, then went on to land roles in The Greatest Showman and Spider-Man: Homecoming. This year, she will appear in five movies, four of which are out now (Assassination Nation, I Still See You, Ride and Conrad & Michelle).

But it wasn't a fairy tale: she claims the House of Mouse body-shamed her, and even once threatened to fire her.


Per the piece, Thorne took a break from smoking her “blunt” to pick up a makeup pencil and dot faux “freckles” over her “blemishes.”


Thorne has spoken out previously about being abused as a child. Here’s what she has to say this time: “I always think, ‘Maybe you could have done something.’ It kind of makes me mad, because I read these stories that are really awful — I mean, really awful … it’s really something getting ripped and taken from you. At least those girls tried. I just laid there, comatose.”

Source: Pulse of Radio