During their child custody trial in NYC on Friday (June 21st), Bethenny Frankel's ex husband Jason Hoppy denied that he was being cruel to their daughter Bryn when he put a drawing of her dog Cookie in her backpack two years ago. Bryn had just watched her dog suffer a seizure an die days before.

According to Page Six, Hoppy testified that he was trying to help his daughter grieve. He said the day after the dog died, “We went to church. We lit candles. We both drew pictures.” He added, “I loved Cookie.”

Hoppy admitted that he didn't tell the RHONY star that he would be talking to Bryn about Cookie's death and he regrets not telling her.

Meanwhile, Frankel also accused Hoppy of locking cookie in a storage closet for hours.

Hoppy was also grilled at the custody hearing about enrolling Bryn in Catholic classes without telling Frankel, who has converted to Judaism.

He concluded his testimony with positivity, saying, “I’m a good parent, Bethenny is a good parent. I don’t approve of certain things that she does in her life.” But “I have no interest in sparring with her. My focus is on parenting Bryn and loving Bryn.”

Post trial briefs are due on August 21st for both parties. A judge is expected to decide on custody within the next two months. Frankel is demanding full custody while Hoppy is hoping for joint custody.


In other news, during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live last week, Frankel had some words for The View co-host Sunny Hostin, who claimed that she once yelled at her child on the beach. During the June 13th episode of The View, Hostin said, “It was in the middle of the day, and my child was about 7, playing with other children at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and she said that her child was napping inside with the window open and that our children were being too loud on the beach.” Hostin added, “She yelled at my child, and I went out there and stood in front of my child, and I yelled at her and told her that adults speak to adults. And she knows I’m telling the truth.”

When asked about Hostin's claims, Frankel said, “I don’t know . . . I think she’s been drinking or taking some drugs. I don’t know her! . . . No I don't.”

Hostin responded via Twitter, saying, “Not surprising that a Reality TV personality who yells and bullies little kids on a beach lies. But I have witnesses @Bethenny. @rmjansen feel free to weigh in. #receipts Oh and @Bethenny – defamation ain’t cute…….”