Busy Philipps is a woman on a mission. Despite seeing her E! talk show Busy Tonight cancelled after just six months, she stands by she show and hopes she can find a home for it elsewhere.

The 40-year-old tells The Hollywood Reporter: “I really believed and still believe in my show, in Busy Tonight. And I know that we were incredibly creative and culturally successful, even though we were cancelled. Many cancelled shows are those things. I am just trying to right now figure out the best way to move it forward.”

The show aired its final episode on May 16th, and Philipps admits she still doesn’t really know why the plug was pulled: “I wish I would've known that I only had basically six weeks to get the ratings to where they had wanted them. I didn't know. I wished I had had more information from the network in terms of what they needed and were looking for in terms of milestones and ratings and things.”

And as she’s looking for a home, Philipps says she’s not sure a streamer is the right place: “People are going to get fatigued by all the pay walls and by all the subscriptions that they have to purchase in order to watch content that they want to watch, and I think that that's a consideration for me in thinking about where I would want to put my show and how I would want to let people see it.”