While it may seem on paper to be every up-and-coming starlet’s dream to find love with an established Hollywood heavyweight, Camila Morrone, 22, tells WSJ Magazine that actually, it’s anything but. 

Especially since her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, is more than 20 years older than her and rather infamous for only dating women under the age of 25. 

Morrone reveals that dating the 45-year-old may be getting her press, but not the right kind. She says: “More exposure leads to more judgment and negativity. It’s a little bit of a bummer because you’re really trying to do good work and be nice and be a good person, and in the meantime…people wish negative things upon you.”

She added: “It would never take away the joy of the craft that I get to do.” 

The pair have been linked since January of 2018 and she says their age gap isn’t even an issue. In addition the ink being spilled over her life life, Morrone is getting increasingly buzzed about for her role Mickey and the Bear.