Many believed Clara McGregor was taking sides in her parents’ divorce with a recent Instagram post. Sharing a shot of her mother, Eve Mavrakis, lounging on a beach, she captioned it, “my mother, ladies & gentlemen • 50 is the new 30 apparently.”

When a fan opined, “Keep her away from your boyfriends,” Clara responded, “I keep her away from a—–e men who leave my goddess of a mother.”

Many assumed she was referring to her father Ewan McGregor, who left Eve for Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 2017. They co-star in Fargo. Clara has spoken out about their relationship before, calling Mary a “piece of trash,” though she later said she regretted describing her thusly.

Clara also defended herself this time. “Let’s make one thing clear. I was not attacking my dad or calling him an a–hole,” Clara wrote over a screenshot of an article highlightin the comment. “I was simple saying she deserves someone who isn’t one. F— tabloids. Don’t believe everything you read.”

Ewan and Eve are duking it out in court over custody payments. The pair, who were married for 22 years, share four children, the youngest of whom is 7.