Awards season is brutal for everyone in Hollywood, but this one may have been especially searing for the 71-year-old Glenn Close.

She has received seven Oscar nominations over 36 years, and she was believed to be a definite as Best Actress in Björn Runge’s adaptation of Meg Wolitzer’s 2003 The Wife this year, but she lost out to Olivia Colman, who won for The Favourite.

Close reportedly spent 15 years preparing for the role of Joan Castleman, a former writer whose Nobel Prize-winning husband (Jonathan Pryce) may (or may not) secretly relied on her work to forge a literary career for himself.

On Instagram, Close revealed that she is going to take a breather before she commits to anything else.

“I’m now going to take it easy for a while; I’m going to read a lot; I’m going to think a lot,” Close said. “I have some exciting possibilities coming up, but I think I need to rest and reboot and get into really great shape for the next phase, and then see what I’m going to do.”

She added: “I’m going into a time of rest and reflection and rebooting for the next phase in my life. I’m feeling peaceful and happy. A good friend said something wonderful. To paraphrase: ‘It’s easy to empty your cup, when dealing with life, but the great challenge is to deal with life with the overflow.’ We all need to take time to do whatever we need to do for ourselves so we can face the world with strong minds and bodies and full hearts.”