“GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE” RELEASES NEW TRAILER: The new trailer for the film “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” relocates the ghost hunting from urban NYC to a small town, where a family with connections to the original film must return to their roots. The film arrives in theater in summer 2020.

“HONEY BOY” DIRECTOR CRITICIZES GOLDEN GLOBES OVER GENDER AWARENESS: “Honey Boy” director Alma Har’el pointed out that the recent Golden Globes nominations failed to recognize any women in either the director or screenwriter categories. In order to solve this issue, Har’el suggests introducing gendered categories for writers and directors, just as there are for actors and actresses.

SIMON COWELL SET TO SIGN RECORD BREAKING DEAL ON ‘BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT’: Simon Cowell is ready to sign a new deal with “Britain’s Got Talent”, in the midst of an NBC investigation around the culture of the workplace at “America’s Got Talent”. A source says Cowell is finalizing talk for a new five-year agreement—the longest deal he’s ever done with a British broadcaster.

ATLANTA PAPER THREATENS CLINT EASTWOOD & WARNER BROTHERS WITH LAWSUIT: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution accuses the film of tarnishing their paper’s legacy. This issue stems from the controversy around a character played by Olivia Wilde, who is portrayed as trading sex for information regarding Richard Jewell (the film’s protagonist) as a suspect.

CW BUYS MILLENIAL COMEDY ‘OBSESSED’: The CW has recently put into development a new dark comedy from writer Jessica Amento, Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman and her Sutton Street Productions, and CBS Television Studios, where Urman is under a deal.