JERRY O’CONNELL JOINS KATIE HOLMES IN THE SECRET MOVIE: Jerry O’Connell and Celia Weston are joining Katie Holmes in The Secret Movie, a film helmed by Andy Tennant that focuses on a young widow with three children. When she hires a handyman to help her around the house, she discovers he has a secret connection to her past. Josh Lucas is also starring in the film, which is based on the best-selling self-help book The Secret.

KOBE BRYANT UNVEILS SLATE OF PROJECTS: Kobe Bryant’s Granity Studios has unveiled a range of sports-themed projects, including books, theater, animation and live-action. “I built Granity Studios as a platform to create and share original stories to inspire today’s youngathletes,” said Bryant. “There’s surprisingly little content that combines the passion of sports and the traditions of original storytelling. Granity Studios will fill that void.” First up, five Middle Grade and Young Adult novels will be released in 2019-2020, each of which was conceptualized by Bryant. Once published, they’ll be developed across a variety of genres including theater, animation and live-action.

LYRIC MCHENRY’S OVERDOSE DEATH RULED ACCIDENTAL: The heroin, cocaine and alcohol found in reality star Lyric McHenry’s body in August was found to have killed her accidentally, the New York City medical examiner’s office has ruled. McHenry’s lifeless body was found on a Bronx street on August 14th. McHenry appeared in and produced E!’s one-season show EJ NYC.

HBO GOES DARK ON DISH: HBO has gone dark on the Dish Network in what is being described as the first distribution-related outage in its four-decade history. Dish has 13 million subscribers and is the No. 2 satellite provider in the U.S. 2 million of its subscribers pay for HBO. Dish slammed HBO in a public statement, saying its “untenable demands designed specifically to harm customers, particularly those in rural areas, as well as damage competing pay-TV providers.” HBO blamed Dish for “making it extremely difficult, responding to our good faith attempts with unreasonable terms. Past behavior shows that removing services from their customers is becoming all too common a negotiating tactic for them.”

Source: Pulse of Radio