Jameela Jamil is not here for Khloe Kardashian’s latest share on Instagram, but she’s really not here for the way the press reacted to her reaction. It all started when the 34-year-old Revenge Body star shared a post that read, “2 Things a Girl Wants: 1) Lose Weight 2) Eat”.

The 32-year-old Good Place star shared a screenshot of the post, writing that it “makes me sad.”

“I hope my daughter grows up wanting more than this. I want more than this.”

She added: “Sending love to this poor woman. This industry did this to her. The media did it to her. They fat shamed her into a prison of self-critique. Dear girls, WANT MORE THAN THIS.”

Later, she clarified that she wasn’t mad at Kardashian, but that she was furious with the “fat-shaming media.”

She tweeted: “To the press outlets that said I ‘slammed’ ‘called out’ ‘came for’ ‘hit out at’ Khloé in this post. You suck. You’re trying to make a woman of colour look violent and aggressive when I could not have been more empathetic. I was criticizing the fat shaming media.”