Jennifer Aniston has had two very public marriages and breakups with Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, but the 50-year-old Morning Show star remains hopeful that she will find lasting love, she tells People.

Aniston says she is “open” to love following her split from Theroux in 2018. 

“Because it’s fantastic. It’s absolutely a beautiful thing,” Aniston says. “I mean I also think it’s the way we really get to know ourselves by being vulnerable enough to let love in.”

Aniston continues: “Even when it’s scary, even when it hurts. It’s always going to be worth it. I also feel for people that have really calloused up around it and just won’t let it in anymore. What missed opportunities. I’ve loved many people. And I love that even the cracks in those loves are still beautiful. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for each and every one of them.”


Aniston also revels in the excitement of working on a new show, even one that touches on the tough topic of #MeToo.

“Doing it, I mean we were really flying by the seat of our pants. Apple itself was building a streaming service so everyone was like, we’re all in this together and this is exhilarating and terrifying. But at the same time, it was unbelievably rewarding,” she adds. “Just to be that involved. To really take on a subject that could be touchy and obviously taboo—and also necessary during this time that we’re in. I feel like I’ve got wind burn, let’s just say that.”


After a wild year in which she and Adam Sandler broke viewership records at Netflix with Murder Mystery, and she returned to TV in Apple+’s The Morning Show, she says she learned “how much I’m capable of.”

She also opens up about finding her own way, despite the many doubters.

“By getting honest with myself in terms of my relationship with my family,” she recalls. “Speaking my truth to them without fear and therefore my work reflected that. And then Friends came. If there were any naysayers in my family, ‘This will never… you’ll never make a dime.’ [laughs] Just watch me. Don’t threaten me that way. God knows now I’m going to make a couple of dimes.”