Jennifer Garner is reflecting on her life in the spotlight. The Golden Globe winner shares three kids with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, and as she explains in the WSJ Magazine’s March Women’s Style Issue, the unwanted media attention really spiraled out of control once they got married.

In a column for the magazine, Garner writes: “How do you adapt your career to your life? That's a big question. Becoming someone who is well known requires an enormous adaptation. Who am I now? How do I go through the world? Then there's having children and, in my case, a career that's a very selfish one. The combination of those things is the largest adaptation of all.”

“Something Ben and I used to say to each other all the time is, 'We have to adapt.' We were surrounded by paparazzi. There were so many things you wouldn't expect,” Garner writes. “We'd be left alone more at Disneyland than we would at a park 
in Santa Monica. But if you love something, you'll do whatever you need to do.”

Garner and Affleck announced their separation in June of 2015 and finalized their divorce in late 2018; they share share kids Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, Samuel, 6.