Twelve jurors are set for Harvey Weinstein‘s rape trial. Three white men and two white women were added to the list of seven (four men, three women, two of whom are black, two are white and one is Afro-Latina) put in place Thursday. A white man, black woman and Latina woman were chosen as alternates.

The jurors are employed in banking, accounting, tech and security, and at least one has school-aged kids.


On Friday, the disgraced movie mogul’s legal eagles made a last-ditch effort to have the jury selection closed to the media.

Arthur Aidala argued in part that, “there’s been much more publicity today and articles that have come out about this case. … I know the court has been admonishing jurors to not look at anything, but we know some jurors have been ignoring that.”

Judge James Burke responded tartly: “Your application is denied. Nothing you said makes logical sense to me.”

One prospective juror is facing 30 days in jail after posting a pic of his summons on Twitter, despite Burke’s warning not to. He is set to return to court in March to fight the contempt charge.

Weinstein’s team also alleged that the jury pool has been infiltrated with “steal jurors” who lied during the selection process, claiming they could be impartial, when they actually had secret prejudices, according to reports.

This was the defense’s fourth attempt to get a sequestered jury. The 67-year-old Weinstein has been charged with five counts of sexual assault and rape in New York. He has pleaded not guilty.