A man literally tried to steal Halle Berry's Los Angeles home from her. Back in March, the Oscar winning actress returned to her home to find that her locks were changed and 59-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin was living insider her home.

Law enforcement sources said that he first showed up to the actress' home in January and messed with the locks but ran off when he was approached by Halle's gardener.

Then in March, cops received a trespassing call from workers at Halle's home, who said Griffin was there with a locksmith trying to get in, claiming that he was the new owner of the home and even had the deed to prove it.

He then managed to have one of the locks changed and actually called the cops when he was approached by employees at the home. When the cops arrived, Griffin maintained that he ownder the house, but LAPD realized that he was a fraud.

Halle told cops that he had no idea who Griffin was and she never gave him permission to be at the home.

Griffin was arrested and hit with a felony count of procuring and offering a false warranty deed and an additional count of petty theft. His bond's set at $36k.

Meanwhile, sources say that Griffin didn't even know the home was Halle's.