A California appeals court has ruled that Wade Robson and James Safechuck are allowed to sue Michael Jackson‘s estate for sexual abuse. According to TMZ, a trial judge had previously threw out their cases on grounds that they waited too long to file their claims. The statute of limitations required them to file before they turned 26 and at the time they filed, Robson was 30 and Safechuck was 36.

But on January 1st, 2020, a new law took effect which allows sexual abuse victims to sue until they’re 40-year-old.

Michael’s estate released a statement, saying, …”The Court of Appeal did NOT revive the lawsuits by Mr. Robson and Mr. Safechuck against the Estate of Michael Jackson. Both of those lawsuits were dismissed in 2016.” They added that the two men “absurdly claim that Michael's employees are somehow responsible for sexual abuse that never happened.” They also noted the appeals court did not address the merits of the claims and that's for a jury to decide.