Times have changed since Michelle Williams last graced the small screen. In a frank conversation with Patricia Clarkson for Variety, she reveals that working on Dawson’s Creek was about as creative as factory work.

“Doing Dawson's Creek for six-and-a-half years, while it was an incredible learning experience—we did 22 episodes a year, and you'd be getting scripts at the last minute and you had zero input,” Williams said. “It was a little like a factory job.”

Clarkson said, “It sounds formulaic,” and Williams agreed. “You couldn't curse or be naked,” Clarkson said.

The experience prevented her from delving back into TV for several years. Williams and Clarkson appear in 2019’s Fosse/Verdon, which is getting a ton of Emmys buzz, and Williams explains why she reconsidered.

“Try as I might. I don't think I've done television in between then and now because of a fear of loss of input. When this came around, people had been saying for a long time, ‘Television is different now.' And I could see that that was true and that it was something that I should open myself up to,” Williams said about doing Fosse/Verdon.