Mo’Nique and Steve Harvey had a heated discussion on Harvey’s daytime talk show, where they discussed Mo being blackballed from the industry. The comedian revealed that thing spiraled from her telling “very powerful people,” “no.” She told Harvey, “I got labeled as ‘difficult’ ‘cause I said one word — and that was ‘no.’ Now I said no to some very powerful people… I said ‘no’ to Oprah Winfrey, I said ‘no’ to Tyler Perry, I said ‘no’ to Lee Daniels and I said ‘no’ to Lionsgate. And the difficulty came in when people that looked like me, like Oprah, Tyler, Lee Daniels and I got to put my brother Steve on the list. Y’all knew I was not wrong. Each one of you said to me, 'Mo'Nique you're not wrong,' and when I heard you go on the air and you said that my sister done burned too many bridges and there's nothing I can do for her now, Steve do you know how hurt I was?”

Harvey spoke on Mo’Nique telling Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels to “suck her d*ck” if she had one, explaining that he thought the way she went about the situation was wrong. He said, “Steve: I thought you went about it wrong. I felt that you had done yourself a disservice by the way you chose to go about it. Mo’Nique: Tell me how I went about it? Steve: I was cool with yo deal with Netflix. I was cool with you. The two problems that we had, number one: The boycott of Netflix, we never gave people a point of action. Okay, if we gon’ boycott, are we gon’ not get subscriptions, are we gon’ turn it off or we gon’ go down there and get signs. The second point what was coming to me was, this problem that you had at Netflix is rich people problems.”

Mo’Nique then challenged Harvey saying she went about it wrong, saying, “But when you say, Mo, it’s the way you went about it… Inequality is devastating. And it’s extreme. And when people said, ‘Mo’Nique, do you think calling a boycott was extreme?’ You damn right! But isn’t inequality extreme? So, we’ve gotta get to a place where we’re unafraid to say it out loud. What I would have loved, what I would have appreciated from my brother, was had you picked up the phone before you went on the air and said, ‘Mo’Nique, you’ve burned too many bridges and it’s nothing I can do.” See, I would’ve appreciated had my brother called me up and said, ‘Baby, let’s talk.” Because you doing that was a part of me being difficult.”

Harvey later expressed that once Mo’Nique made that statement, it was no longer about boycotting Netflix for equality. He said, “When you made that statement, the narrative got flipped. It wasn’t about Netflix no more. The attention was all off of where we needed to go. Mo’Nique: That was before Netflix. Steve: So now, when you bring up Netflix, it don’t get no wind, but you done just said this to these three people. And these three people, not because they’re powerful, but because of who they’ve (be)come. And what happens is, I told you, we can’t cure darkness with more darkness. Mo’Nique: What we can do is cure it with comedy. And, what I’m not gonna do, Steve, I’m never ever going to waver from my comedy show on that stage. That’s my gift and that’s my freedom. And, what happens is, when you allow people to start taking your freedom and your gift, and making it become what makes them comfortable, we then lose.”

Harvey continued, “When you tell the truth, you have to deal with the repercussions of the truth. We're black out here. We can't come out here and do it any kind of way we want to. Your husband can't be the Sidney that he really is out here. That flexing, we got to flex a different way. This is the money game. This ain't the black man's game, this ain't the white man's game. This is the money game. We're in the money game and you cannot sacrifice yourself. The best thing you can do for poor people is not be one of them. You cannot help them like that.”

They closed out, saying, “Mo’Nique: Before the money game it's called the integrity game and we've lost the integrity worrying about the money. Steve: If I crumble, my children crumble, my grandchildren crumble. I cannot, for the sake of my integrity, stand up here and let everybody that's counting on me crumble so I can make a statement. There are ways to win the war in a different way.”