Jeremy Renner and his ex Sonni Pacheco are embroiled in an ugly custody case over their daughter Ava, 6, with each side accusing the other of potentially dangerous, abusive behavior.

New filings obtained by People show the 48-year-old actor’s former live-in nanny Naomi Moore recalling a time when Renner wanted his 28-year-old estranged wife dead.

“The most common topic of Renner’s conversations with Ms. Moore in Fall 2018 were his constant complaints about Pacheco, how horrible she was, and that it would be better if she were dead,” Pacheco’s lawyers state in the documents. “In one particular conversation, Ms. Moore heard Renner state he was going to go to Pacheco’s house and kill her and then kill himself, and that it was better that Ava had no parents than to have Pacheco as a mother.”

Renner previously denied allegations Pacheco has made—of drug abuse, mental abuse, gun-use, and threats of violence—through his lawyer. Renner has claimed that Pacheco is sex-obsessed and sent pictures of his groin to their custody evaluator “for no other purpose than to cause me extreme embarrassment.”