Actress and Wag spokeswoman Olivia Munn is thanking her lucky stars and the NYPD after a dog-napped pooch Benny was returned to its parents, Sophie and Max Troper. The dognapping prompted a viral social media campaign and Munn’s deep involvement, according to reports.

The X-Men: Apocalypse star is an investor in the app, and she addressed reports that the culprit was a Wag walker employed by the service. In a Reddit AMA, she told users that she was late to the AMA because she’d been “up all night” trying to help resolve the case: “I wanted to make sure we got Benny home safe with Sophie and Max. Huge huge gratitude to the NYPD and Detective Kaufman for working so hard and moving so fast to bring Benny home.”

Benny, a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix, was reportedly snatched by Christian Madriaga, 22. He was arrested and charged with burglary. Court papers show that he was planning on gifting the pooch to another person.