Social media can’t get enough of Game of Thrones. Hardcore fans were furious with HBO over the penultimate show that aired Sunday, calling it out for sloppy writing and sloppier character arcs.

Spoiler alert for listeners who haven’t tuned in yet.

When Daenery (Emilia Clarke) abandoned all last shred of goodness and burned thousands of innocents en masse, the tweets started piling up, with users slamming the writers for “burning her character arc.”

Many others flipped when the Lannister twins got killed by a bunch of rocks, but the real hooting derision was saved for an epic editing error, in which Jaimie’s (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) chopped-off hand grew back. (He lost it in season three saving Brienne of Tarth). But HBO claims the blunder only happened in promotional stills, not the episode itself. (That stance didn’t stop fans from squawking).

The debate currently raging on Twitter: is having a character re-grow a hand better or worse than beaming in a coffee cup from Starbucks, as they did last week?