Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong spoke about the inspiration behind the band's upcoming new album, Father Of All…, in a new interview with Billboard.

Armstrong confirmed that the LP would feature 10 songs and would only be 26 minutes long, saying, “I realized I hate long songs, anything over two-and-a-half minutes . . . even though I've written s**t like f**king 'Jesus of Suburbia.'” The latter track from 2004's American Idiot was nine minutes long.

The singer/guitarist also spoke about the sound of the record, explaining, “We wanted to create a dance groove with space between the drums and vocals (inspired by) the way Kendrick Lamar does things or old-school Motown music, where it's leading with the rhythm.”

Armstrong told us a while back that it was important that Green Day move forward artistically with each new album: “Whatever we do in the past is just, you know — leave that and go to the next chapter or the next era or whatever, you know. We always want to try to keep reinventing ourselves and come out with something new without changing our clothes. You know, not that we're trying to, like, have a new image or anything like that. I think we're just acting our age, trying to make something that's, you know, this is where we're at, at this particular time and, exercising our vulnerabilities to make the best record that we possibly can.”

Father Of All… will arrive on February 7th. The title track was released on Tuesday (September 10th) in conjunction with the announcement of the Hella Mega tour, which kicks off in July 2020 and will feature Weezer and Fall Out Boy in addition to Green Day.