Brian Wilson's son in law, Rob Bonfiglio, has joined on as a permanent member of his touring ensemble. Bonfiglio, who is Carnie Wilson's husband, has served for years as Wilson Phillips' musical director and guitarist and has recorded a string of critically acclaimed power pop albums in his own right. Bonfiglio replaces Al Jardine's son, Matt Jardine, who's been on the road with Wilson and his dad, recreating Wilson's brilliant falsetto parts for the past four years. The band is currently on tour performing a selection of Wilson's Beach Boys classics as well as the Pet Sounds album in its entirety.

On November 28th, the band will switch from featuring Pet Sounds to spotlighting Wilson's famed holiday music, with the group performing 1964's The Beach Boys' Christmas Album from top to tail. Once again joining Wilson on the road are fellow Beach Boys Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin, with the shows including a slew of the group's hits along with selections from Wilson's 2005 solo holiday set, What I Really Want For Christmas, which included then-new Wilson Christmas originals co-written with Bernie Taupin and Jimmy Webb, respectively.

Carnie Wilson told us that despite her dad Brian Wilson's personal problems preventing him from being a conventional father — they were always able to bond musically: “I think he genuinely likes to work with me and I genuinely like to work with him. I really feel like my father passed down to me the gift of harmony and music — and I know that's part of our deep connection.”

Source: Pulse of Radio