Bruce Springsteen will once again release a limited edition single for Record Store Day. reported “The Boss” will issue a 7-inch vinyl edition of “Western Stars” backed with “The Wayfarer” on November 23rd. Springsteen's Western Stars movie will have its U.S. premiere on Sunday night (October 13th) at the Hamptons International Film Festival, with the film also playing again the following night.

Springsteen is currently in the UK for the movie's London premiere tomorrow night (October 11th) at the BFI London Film Festival at Embarkment Garden Cinema.

A highlight of the new Western Stars movie is Patti Scialfa being featured prominently throughout the album's live performance. During his recent chat at the Toronto Film Festival, Springsteen spoke about what his wife and bandmate brings to the songs: “As soon as we went to perform it, I said, 'Pats, we should sing these together.' And we've been together a long time. So when we gather around that microphone, oooh (laughs) — there''s a lotta livin' there (laughter) — of all kinds. Y'know, nobody knows me better than she does, so that look in her eyes is frightening (laughter), y'know? But, it's lovely at the same time. We sing together in a way that you can only sing together when you've lived together for that long.”