Set for release on December 14th is the official soundtrack to Bruce Springsteen's Springsteen On Broadway production now running at Manhattan's Walter Kerr Theatre. The official press release for the set reads in part, “Featuring the songs and stories from Tony Award winner Bruce Springsteen's historic 236-show run (The album consists) of the complete audio from the upcoming Springsteen On Broadway Netflix release, the soundtrack album will be available on four LP's or two CD's as well as a digital download and on streaming services.”

The hit show is based on Springsteen's best-selling memoir Born To Run and features “The Boss” telling stories from the book between the show's songs performed on both piano and guitar — with wife Patti Scialfa appearing on two songs. On the Springsteen On Broadway soundtrack album, each of these stories appears as its own track, labeled as an “introduction” prior to the respective song.

Bruce Springsteen, whose Springsteen On Broadway shows sheds light on some of the darker memories of his childhood, explained that dealing with your past is the easiest way to find peace in your present: “The price for not sorting through the issues that make up your emotional life and the choices you're making doesn't stay the same. It gets higher all the time. It gets higher from the same answers and the tricks and the lies you told yourself at 22 — you feel pretty good: 'I'm just goin' on down the road.' Y'know, 25, 26, 28, — 'feel a little less comfortable — but everything's okay (laughs), y'know?' But the older you get, the price goes up. The price goes up, and it keeps getting higher and higher and higher. And you pay more on a daily basis for not coming to grips for some of those things.”

Springsteen On Broadway will premiere on Netflix on December 15th — which coincides with the show's 236th and final show at Manhattan's Walter Kerr Theatre.

Source: Pulse of Radio