An early version of Bruce Springsteen's 1975 Born To Run classic “Thunder Road” is going under thae hammer later this week. The lyric sheet set for auction at Sotheby's starts on Friday (June 7th) and runs through June 21st. reported that Springsteen's work-in-progress — which is expected to fetch up to $60,000 — features numerous discarded or tweaked lyrics, posting, “After trying out Anne, Angelina, Chrissie, and more, he ultimately settled on Mary. . . Torn from a spiral notebook, the single sheet of ruled paper also includes a deleted line that sparked its own song: 'Maybe we were born to run.'”

Bruce Springsteen always believed that although the Born To Run album is not about the same person — all the stories could definitely be intertwined: “Born To Run has got that feeling of that one endless summer night. That’s what the record, what the whole record feels like. It could all be taking place in the course of one evening in all these different locations, y’know? All these different stories on one, sort of, long summer night.”