50 years after the fact, Creedence Clearwater Revival's legendary set recorded on August 17th, 1969 at The Woodstock Music & Art Fair will finally see release on August 2nd. For years, bandleader John Fogerty has refused the band's entire set to see release due to what he felt was a substandard performance and a lackluster crowd reaction. Despite being one of the festival's headliners, he pulled any footage and audio from the 1970 movie of the event, and only in recent years has allowed portions of Creedence's set to be used in archival releases.

The upcoming Live At The Woodstock Music & Art Fair / 1969 will be issued as a two-LP vinyl set with a gatefold jacket, along with CD and digital platforms — including hi-res 96/24. The full tracklisting is: “Born On The Bayou,” “Green River,” “Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won’t Do),” “Bootleg,” “Commotion,” “Bad Moon Rising,” “Proud Mary,” “I Put A Spell On You,” “The Night Time Is The Right Time,” “Keep On Chooglin',” and “Suzie Q.”

During a recent appearance on TBS' Conan show, John Fogerty recalled Creedence's 1969 Woodstock appearance: “Well, we were promised prime time on a Saturday night — like nine o'clock. What they didn't tell me was, 'You're gonna follow the Grateful Dead.' Everybody was running late, of course — but the Dead didn't go on until about midnight, and we had to follow that, and so it was, literally, 2:30 in the morning. I come running out — 'cause this was a big chance — there's a half-a-million people there — I come running out and I look down there and I see a lot of people (who) look a lot like me, except they're naked (laughter). (Conan O'Brien): Naked, yeah. (John Fogerty): And they're asleep. (Conan): Yeah (laughter). (Fogerty): They were all kind of piled together. It looked like one of those pictures of the souls coming up out of hell (laughter). Like Dante's Inferno, like (moans) — but they were all, y'know, asleep.”