Set for release on November 30th is David Bowie's complete June 25th, 2000 appearance at England's Glastonbury Festival. Only 30 minutes of Bowie's career-spanning set has ever been aired, and the new collection, titled, David Bowie Glastonbury 2000, features such timeless tracks as “Fame,” “Let's Dance,” “Life On Mars?,” “Changes,” “Under Pressure,” “'Heroes,'” “China Girl,” “Ashes To Ashes,” “Station To Station,” “Golden Years,” “Ziggy Stardust,” and “Rebel Rebel,” among others. The collection will available as a double CD/DVD, triple LP, double CD, digital, and High Resolution (48/24) Digital.

According to the press release for the set, “The package includes the full 21-song greatest hits set and for the first time, a DVD of the entire show including the Glastonbury performance of “'Heroes'” — a highlight of the record breaking “David Bowie Is. . .” exhibition and the only track that has been previously released.”

All formats feature Bowie's diary, originally written for Time Out, which documents him preparing for the show in his own inimitable manner: “As of 1990 I got through the rest of the 20th century without having to do a big hits show. Yes, yes, I know I did four or five hits on the later shows but I held out pretty well I thought. . . big, well known songs will litter the field at Glastonbury this year. Well, with a couple of quirks of course.”

David Bowie died on January 10th, 2016 — two days after his 69th birthday — following a private 18-month battle with cancer. In 2003, Bowie spoke about mortality during a rare TV appearance on Britain's Parkinson talk show: (David Bowie): “I had this poetic, romantic, kind of juvenile idea that I would be dead by 30. 'Cause that's — all artists think: 'I'll be dead by 30! Y'know, I'm going to get TB and die.' (Laughs) But you don't, y'know, you get past it and then suddenly, you're 30 and you're 40 and then you're 50 and 57, and then all that. And it's a new land, y'know?” (Parkinson): 'Sure.” (Bowie): “I'm a pioneer — me and my kind are just sort of scraping the edge of what this think is about, being a rock and roller at the age of 57. But my revenge is all these bands that are below us, they've got to do this — so, they kind of say: 'Yeah, they're like, really old' — but secretly they're thinking, 'I better watch how he does it, 'cause I'm gonna get there soon (laughter).'” ” “Wild Is The Wind” “China Girl” “Changes” “Stay” “Life On Mars?” “Absolute Beginners” “Ashes To Ashes” “Rebel Rebel” “Little Wonder” “Golden Years” “Fame” “All The Young Dudes” “The Man Who Sold The World” “Station To Station” “Starman” “Hallo Spaceboy” “Under Pressure” “Ziggy Stardust” “'Heroes'” “Let's Dance” “I'm Afraid Of Americans”

Source: Pulse of Radio