In David Crosby's latest installment of Rolling Stone's "Ask Croz" video advice column, he touched on several topics — most notably dealing with a child hooked on electronic devices and the Internet. Crosby offered up some heartfelt suggestions: ["Well, you've got company. There's a ton of parents in the same situation you are. I wouldn't blame yourself, because it doesn't help; but I would do everything I could to try and find any time away. 'Let's go for a walk on the beach,' 'Hey, let's go for a drive up to the hills,' 'Let's go to a movie.' If you gotta tempt them with ice cream — go ahead. Try your level best to get them to participate in the real world, because that's gonna be much better for 'em."] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . better for 'em)

David Crosby On How To Break Internet Addiction :