David Lee Roth has just announced his first Las Vegas residency in nearly 25 years. The Van Halen frontman has rolled out a total of nine dates for the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino's 2,500-seat House of Blues venue. “Diamond Dave” is set to perform on January 8th, 10th, and 11th; and returning for a six-show run on March 18th, 20th, 21st, 25th, 27th, and 28th.

Roth said of the upcoming Vegas run: “A weekend with me is interactive way beyond just music. It starts with the best food on earth. The fellas smoke their three cigarettes for the year and we all stay up way past our bedtime!”

According to the press release, Roth — who last performed with Van Halen back in 2015 — will be taking the stage to “delight fans with an explosive two-guitar sound for the first time ever bringing his long list of mega familiar hits to life that you've only heard on the radio till now.”

Roth will play a changing set of “236 instantly recognizable songs” — including “Jump,” “Panama,” and “California Girls,” which is being dubbed: “the sound of a generational prison break.”

Back in May, Roth first revealed to Hollywoodlife.com that a “Diamond Dave” extravaganza might be heading “Sin City”: “I was over at the House of Blues yesterday. There’s lots and lots of people requesting. I kind of am the patron saint of midnight when everybody’s guilty of all ages. It’d transcend neighborhoods. You can be wearing a cowboy hat or you can be wearing five-inch clogs out there with sparkles in your hair. You can have dreadlocks or a crew cut, you can wear a military uniform to work or you can wear a bikini to work and you know what David Lee Roth brings to the proceedings, okay?”

Plans were reportedly in the works for a major Van Halen reunion tour happening last summer — featuring ousted bassist Michael Anthony — but plans obviously never came to fruition.

David Lee Roth will always represent the height of the hedonistic 1980's. Roth has been known to enjoy numerous romantic partners throughout the years, and has freely discussed his various liaisons in the past: “I think the record number was probably something like seven or eight. At that point, y'know, I just resorted to, like, calling it like a volleyball game, where you just, you know, watch back and forth, and you go, 'OK, switch!' (laughs) And the formation changes, and . . . in French, they go, 'Changement!' (laughs)”