Drummer Rick Allen says that nearly 40 years after joining Def Leppard, he's proud that all the members remain close friends and are still very much a band. The group is in the midst of one of the hottest tours this summer with Journey, and Allen revealed that although some bands that span the decades — much like their tour mates — soldier on despite deep inner-band turmoil, Leppard are still a bunch of dudes that love hanging out and making music together: “I think the saving grace is we still like each (laughs) other. We can all hang out in the same room, y'know what I mean? We don't take separate cars, we don't have separate hotels. And I think a lot of the success we had was fantastic. But honestly, I think a band grows from some of the not so good times. Like, losing (founding guitarist) Steve Clark and, y'know, my accident. I think that's been really important for us, and it's really sad to see other bands not quite being a team.”

Source: Pulse of Radio