Yesterday (September 5th), Fleetwood Mac made its debut live performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, showcasing their two replacements for the ousted Lindsey Buckingham — with Heartbreakers guitarist/songwriter/producer Mike Campbell stepping in to cover lead guitar duties and Crowded House frontman Neil Finn. Rolling Stone reported the band, which was augmented by a third guitarist, an additional keyboardist, and two backing singers, performed the Rumours classic “The Chain” along with their 1982 hit “Gypsy.”

Steve Nicks told us that she has worked hard to maintain the classic sound of Fleetwood Mac: “Our voices and everything we do, it sounds extremely young to me, because when you keep working, things don't change — when you stop working, things change. When you stop singing and you stop working on your craft and you stop taking care of your voice — that's when thing change. But as long as you keep going, y'know, the voice is a muscle. It's just like running every day, or doing ballet; it stays working and it stays good. It only starts to die and atrophy when you don't do your work.”

Source: Pulse of Radio