Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett has debuted a new solo single called “This Ol' World,” which will appear on his upcoming solo album. Shiflett told NME that the song was inspired by both the Brexit issue in the U.K. and the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

Shiflett explained, “It’s always a struggle to write songs about current events or politics, but how can you not be affected by what the f**k is happening? Over here we’ve got Trump and over there in the U.K. you’ve got Brexit and Farage. It seems like every Western country is dealing with its own version of Trumpism and the rejection of the status quo and liberal policies.”

But Shiflett added that the song itself does not specifically address either Brexit or the former reality TV host, saying, “In the early drafts of ‘This Ol World’ it just sounded a little too preachy and came off sounding like a pretentious article. I like my lyrics to be specific, but I wanted that one to be quite vague because regardless of your world views, maybe there’s something in there you can relate to.”

Although the song has a country sound that's reminiscent of Shiflett's first solo effort, 2017's West Coast Town, he said that his next LP will veer back towards rock. He explained, “There’s definitely more rock than my last album . . . this new one definitely has crunchier guitar tones and it’s more of a rock and roll record.”

Shiflett will tour the U.K. in March and April but has yet to announce any U.S. dates. Foo Fighters are currently on a break until May.