Gene Simmons spoke about the invisible victims of the music industry being indefinitely put on ice due to COIVID-19. The Kiss legend appeared on Fox's Good Day L.A. and explained that the back-line of every band and venue has been truly leveled by the cancellation of all the ongoing tours and arena events in the wake of coronavirus

Simmons shed light on some of the people that are affected by the venues boarding up as people stay home in fear: “We can talk about the big numbers, and that means billions of dollars that are lost. So what? You're talking about single mothers and families who live from check-to-check. The people who actually put on these concerts — the security people, the road crews, all that stuff — y'know, this is important, this is survival. And so, for the folks in and around the infrastructure. . . are the people that are suffering the most.”

Kiss' next concert is still on the books for May 7th in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Gene Simmons On Music Industry Pandemic Victims :