The Rolling Stones are currently rehearsing for the June 21st kick-off of their North American “No Filter” stadium dates. Keith Richards spoke to The Toronto Sun and shed light on the show the band will be bringing to our side of the pond later this month, explaining, “We’re rehearsing, going through it all, we’re doing maintenance. It’s coming along very well. It’s cool yeah. We’re making a few changes. We’re trying to come up with some lesser-known favorites, Stones things, so that’s been interesting. Some of them I haven’t heard in 20 years.”

When asked about Mick Jagger's stamina after undergoing successful heart valve procedure, Richards revealed: “He went through it very easily. He’s in great shape — rocking. As I say, it seemed to be no problem at all really.”

Richards was asked whether Jagger's heart scare made the other Stones think twice about their health: “I don’t think so. It was just, 'Oh, Mick will be better.' We’ll just wait around because there was no doubt that we’d soon pick it up. It just had to be done. So we did it.”

Keith Richards paid tribute to the late Dr. John — real name was Mac Rebennack — who died earlier this week at the age of 77: “I’m so sad — Mac Rebennack. We often played together a few times, many years ago now. We always had a great time. He liked to have a great time and so do I.”

Richards touched upon the recent deluxe reissue of his 1988 solo debut, Talk Is Cheap, admitting, “I never expected to sort of see a 30-year-old record come out again. And they did a great job on it so I was very, very happy about it. Doing my time with the (X-Pensive) Winos, yeah, it made me appreciate a lot more what Mick has to do and what a frontman has to do.”

On whether this is the last go 'round for the Stones, Keith Richards responded: “I’d be the last one to know, darling. We’re feeling good. And we love what we do. There’s no reason to stop really. I love it. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Keith Richards was asked what it is about the Rolling Stones that keeps them a mainstay for each and every new generation as they come of age: “It’s a weird — just a strange piece of chemistry. . . why it should work, I don’t know. I couldn’t, y’know, put it in a laboratory and try to figure out Charlie Watts (laughs) Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards, and sort of shake ‘em all about and put 'em in — I really don’t know.”