Led Zeppelin has teamed up with Vans to launch a new sneaker line featuring two distinct styles. The band posted photos of the new shoes on social media, but so far, no street date has been announced for the line.

Esquire.com posted a review of both sneakers in the line:

First up, the Era. The skate-friendly silhouette features a black leather upper emblazoned with the symbols featured in the album art for Led Zeppelin IV. (You know, the ones your stoner-iest high-school friend endlessly pontificated on the meaning of, right after taking a giant bong rip.)

Next, the Sk8-Hi, which also gets the album-cover treatment, this time featuring the image of the Hindenburg from the band's eponymous 1969 debut. Weirdly enough, considering it has a picture of a burning airship printed on the canvas upper, it's actually a little more subtle than the Era. Go figure.

Outside of footwear, there are also what looks to be two Vans x Led Zeppelin tees — one for each album cover — and a baseball cap in the collection. At least, that's what we've learned thus far from Zeppelin's tweet, which is about the only info on the collab that's out there at the moment.

Jimmy Page told us that Led Zeppelin's initial influences from across the Atlantic solidified the type of music they would create over the years: “The fact is, all four of us, were so influenced by American music, and for me, the music that I was hearing in the sort of '50s over here, it was all a reinterpretation of what was going on in America. So we, sort of, had this American music, sort of coming in to us, and we were accessing it through the radio and records. That's a major part of why we became what we were — which is musicians and became totally seduced by this whole movement in music.”

Although, thus far, Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary is falling short of what the ultimate fan was hoping for, Robert Plant explained that people can't expect Zeppelin to reunite for no other reason than the fans want them to: “I want to do great, creative things and these guys are my buddies. They're my friends, we're soul partners in a big chunk of our creative lives together. But, it's ever onward and it's not the be-all and end-all of everything, it's just what we love.”