For the first time in probably 45 years, a rare TV appearance by Paul McCartney's younger brother, Mike “McGear” McCartney has been seen. Mike, who was promoting his 1974 album, McGear — which his older, former-Beatle brother co-wrote and produced — mimed two of the album's songs, the Paul-written “Leave It” and the brothers' co-write, “Simply Love You” on the February 15th, 1975 episode of Señoras Y Señore, which was shown on the Spanish TV channel RTVE, according to The Daily Beatle.

The album's standout track, “Leave It,” is one of only two songs on the album completely written by Paul McCartney himself. Mike shed light on his older brother's record making prowess when he was unsure of his own vocal talents: “He said, 'Don't worry, it'll be there. We'll sprinkle some magic fairy dust on it — don't worry.' And so, I kept hearing it, and slowly — he kept doing it over and over in the mix. Over and over and over. And slowly, this magic song started to appear, until the end — 'cause he did it all himself — this great singer, called 'Mike McGear' was suddenly singing, and the music was right, and the sax player was right, the harmonies were right. And this wonderful single suddenly appeared.”

Mike McCartney On Paul McCartney’s Talent As Producer :