Mick Fleetwood addressed Fleetwood Mac's firing of Lindsey Buckingham, and doubts if there will ever be a reunion of the band's classic lineup. Earlier this week, the Mac wrapped its recent European leg with two shows at London's Wembley Stadium and will be back on the road in August for an 18-date Down Under run.

Fleetwood spoke candidly about Buckingham, who was dumped by the group last year, explaining, “Lindsey’s departure was traumatic and a major change for the band, but we decided we wanted to carry on. We made the decision together. Of course, we could have just stopped and it probably would have been an easy point to stop, but we definitely didn’t want to. Lindsay left fairly acrimoniously and we weren’t getting on well any more, and yes, it is a happier ship to be on. We have two new people in the band who have been hugely accepted and welcomed, but in many ways it does amaze me that we are still here all these years later, after all of the ups and downs.”

Fleetwood added there seems to be no looking back for Fleetwood Mac: “I don’t think there will be a point where the band’s former members all end up back in a good place together. If you’d asked me that years ago I would have said so, being the old dreamer that I tend to be. But now I just accept things how they are, and try to be civil and open. All of these lovely people have put their hearts and souls into Fleetwood Mac, and the franchise should absolutely honor those people in every way, and it does. The music comes back to haunt everyone afterwards anyway — and usually that wins out in the end.”

Last year, the latest lineup of Fleetwood Mac appeared on CBS This Morning and spoke about the then-upcoming tour — with Mick Fleetwood first breaking his silence on Lindsey Buckingham's exit. Fleetwood was asked if the stories are true that Lindsey Buckingham was indeed fired from the band: “We don't use that word, because I think it's ugly and it's not a question of that. Lindsey has huge amounts of respect and kudos to which he's done in the ranks of Fleetwood Mac and always will. But, it's like a marriage that came to an end — and there are reasons why. And as a band, we need to move on and we have. It became just a huge impasse and hit a brick wall, where we decided that we had to part company. This is absolutely a new band. This is the new lineup of Fleetwood Mac.”