Motley Crue was known for some of the most decadent exploits of any rock band during its 1980s heyday, but now bassist Nikki Sixx says he fully supports the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment of women.

Asked by Rolling Stone what he has learned about women in the past 35 years, Sixx said, “I stand 100 percent behind the #MeToo movement. I think we're in a very great time for equality and we've got room to grow. Even though we were f**king animals and the s**t that we did was f**king crazy and the s**t the girls did to us was crazy, there was never a moment ever that anybody in the band took that as an opportunity to wield power. I'm not saying we were angels, but it was all consensual.”

Many of the Crue's exploits were chronicled in the band's memoir, The Dirt. The film adaptation of the book premieres on Netflix this Friday (March 22nd).

The soundtrack will arrive the same day and features a string of Crue classics, as well as three new songs and a cover of Madonna's “Like A Virgin”. The first of the new tunes, “The Dirt (Est. 1981),” a collaboration with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, was released last month. Kelly also plays drummer Tommy Lee in the movie.