Neal Schon is preparing to hit the road in 2019 with a solo outfit called Journey Through Time, which will feature music from all 45 years of Journey's career. Schon posted a recent interview of former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo discussing the tour, and tweeted: “Love and Respect to all you fans. Promise next years (sic) Journey will be #TheJourney – I’ll be playing music from EVERY album and mixing it up constantly … Stay tuned and on the Look Out for 'Journey Through Time' over 3 hours of live music DVD and more.”

The tour has its roots in the February 9th, 2018 benefit at San Francisco's 500-seat club The Independent for San Francisco's North Bay Fire Relief. Schon was joined Journey co-founder Gregg Rolie on keyboards, Dead Daisies bassist Marco Mendoza, and current Dasies drummer and latter-day Journey drummer Deen Castronovo — who handled lead vocal duties. No dates or definitive lineup info has been announced.

Ultimate Classic Rock reported Castronovo explained in the interview, “When (Schon) called me to do (the benefit), I was like, 'Of course I will.' Now we’re talking about going out on the road next year doing it. Journey’s taking a year off, so Neal’s like, 'Let’s go on the road with this band.' We’re going to do the older stuff, like the first four (Journey) records, and the stuff that Gregg Rolie and Steve Perry used to do. I’ll play drums and sing the stuff.”

When pressed about the kimono outfits and afro hair he sported back in his Santana and early-Journey days, Neal Schon took it all in stride but promised that his old look wasn't going to make a comeback anytime soon: “That was so funny, man. After Behind The Music came out, and they had all that old footage with the big 'fro, y'know? My telephone was ringing off the hook — people calling up and say, 'Dude, what happened to the 'fro, man? You gotta grow that thing back!' I said, 'I don't think so.' I think I'll just get a wig, man (laughs)”

Source: Pulse of Radio