Ozzy Osbourne hopes to begin work on his next studio album later this year, following the release of his first solo effort in more than a decade, Ordinary Man, last Friday (February 21st).

Speaking about his future plans with iHeartRadio, Ozzy revealed, “I'm hoping that next month I'll go and do another album with Andrew (Watt, Ordinary Man producer and guitarist. I might as well, while I'm not doing gigs.”

Ozzy said in a Reddit AMA that if his next album comes out “anything like Ordinary Man I'll be well pleased,” adding, “What I learned from Ordinary Man, it got the juices flowing again. People say they write the best songs when they're unhappy, and I was unhappy last year.”

Ozzy was out of action for all of 2019 while he recovered from various health issues, including surgery to repair an old injury and pneumonia. Earlier this year he acknowledged that he is suffering from a version of Parkinson's disease and has postponed all 2020 tour dates for now.

The Prince of Darkness also admitted to Apple Music that Ordinary Man was the first album he's ever done completely sober. He told us a while back that he used to think he needed drugs to help him make music: “I used to get so frustrated with myself. I mean, I thought that you had to get loaded to make songs. I just thought drugs and alcohol are probably the major inspiration of making music, which I truly believed that because I'd never made a record without using it. And I thought it was that was making me creative.”

Ordinary Man arrived last Friday following a global launch event in which fans got Ozzy tattoos and heard the album in 50 different cities.

Ozzy Osbourne Says He Thought He Needed Drugs And Alcohol To Write Music :