Paul McCartney has just posted a new Spotify playlist on his official site. Every month McCartney will post a new tracklisting with a specific theme — with February, obviously, featuring songs for "Valentine's Day."

In the "Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket" section of the site, a message was posted, reading, "Here at we love Valentine's Day — it's one of our favourite days of the year! And to help spread the love, we've collected together some of our favourite silly love songs from Paul. So light a candle, dim those lights and set the romantic ambience with February's 'Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket' love playlist."

A highlight on the new playlist is McCartney's fall 1987 demo with Elvis Costello for their-long unreleased tune "Twenty Fine Fingers," which finally saw release on "Macca's" 2017 Flowers In The Dirt box set. McCartney recently looked back on his brief — but fruitful — collaboration with Costello: ["With Elvis, you're not going to have too much shyness; that's one thing — he's not shy, y'know? He's definitely got an opinionated attitude, y'know? But, as I say, in this context it's great. It was good fun, we sat down to write some stuff, eventually ended up writing wrote nine things."] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . wrote nine things)

Another highlight on the playlist is McCartney's first solo classic — 1970's "Maybe I'm Amazed": ["'Maybe I'm Amazed' sums up the time for me. Y'know, Linda and I had just got together and that song was my amazement at getting with this great girl. It just worked. I didn't really stress out over it. I just made this song up and thought of lyrics, like, y'know, 'hung me on a line,' 'pull(ed) me out of time,' and things — just little phrases that occurred to me about this relationship."] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . about this relationship)

The February 2020 McCartney "love" Spotify playlist is:

"Maybe I'm Amazed" – 1970
"Happy With You" – 2018
"She's My Baby" – 1976
"Valentine Day" – 1970
"My Valentine" – 2012
"Twenty Fine Fingers" (Demo) – 1987
"Little Woman Love" – 1972
"My Love" – 1973
"Really Love You" – 1997
"Thank You Darling" – 1972
"Silly Love Songs" – 1976

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