Paul McCartney will reissue his late-wife Linda McCartney's posthumous solo album, Wide Prairie, on August 2nd. The 1998 set will be released on limited edition white and blue colored vinyl, classic black vinyl, digitally, and on streaming services.

According to the press release:

“The only album to be released solely under Linda’s name, Wide Prairie features Linda on vocals and various instruments on songs she wrote or co-composed and recorded with Wings between 1972 and 1980, the single-only 'Seaside Woman' / 'B-Side To Seaside' released under the pseudonym of Suzy & The Red Stripes, cover versions of classics by the McGuire Sisters, The Coasters and more, and solo work from the ‘80s and ‘90s including her final recording, 'The Light Comes From Within' — co-authored by and featuring Paul McCartney, as well as their son James on electric and acoustic guitar.”

In addition to Paul McCartney, Wide Prairie features appearances by fellow Wings members Denny Laine, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Jimmy McCulloch, Joe English, and Laurence Juber. Also appearing are McCartney sidemen Thaddeus Richard, Robbie MacIntosh, and Davy Lutton.

Back in 1984 during a chat with Oprah Winfrey, Linda McCartney spoke about how it was Paul that pulled her into making music with him: “It's been his doing. I mean I would never have thought to play piano — although I love music. He said, 'There's middle C' — let's be in a group, c'mon.' I never sang, or anything, y'know, except in high school. But, I think he wanted someone he liked with him — it wasn't my 'talent.' I mean, I never thought I'd be writing songs and getting pleasure out of the piano, 'cause as a kid, I hated piano lessons. Now, I sit down and if I'm in a bad mood, I play a few sad chords, and I think — 'This is really good.' (Laughter).”