Paul McCartney has just uploaded a nearly 10-minute featurette of behind the scenes footage of his “Who Cares” video, which co-stars actress Emma Stone. The clip also features director Brantley Gutierrez, who explained the bonuses of using 65mm anamorphic film, cinematographer Linus Sandgren who gives some background on shooting the highly stylized video, along with choreographer Ryan Heffington.

Over the past 50-plus years, Paul McCartney has worked with literally dozens of different filmmakers and directors on various promo clips, concert films, and video projects. He admitted that he's always preferred straight-ahead performance videos than over-the-top big budget clips: “You suddenly had to be a short filmmaker as well, and not all of us liked it. I must say occasionally it was like, 'Oh my God,' and the process was kind of quite wearing. Y'know, you'd kind of farm it out to three or four directors who you thought were hot, who would come back with 'I see you. . .' — it was a little bit like a comedy sketch — 'I see you on a mountain top in Tibet wearing nothing but a loin cloth. The sun god shines down. . .' And you're going 'Oh no — next one!'”