Paul McCartney has announced a special September 6th reading of his new animated children's book Hey Grandude! in London. The former-Beatle will appear in Piccadilly bookstore Waterstones. According to the announcement, “Customers will have the chance to purchase one of a limited amount of tickets to attend the event with up to two children or grandchildren to meet Paul and have a copy of Hey Grandude! signed in person”

Tickets will go on sale Monday, August 12th August at 10 am. One ticket includes entry for one adult and up to two children aged 12 or under, and a copy of Hey Grandude! Fore more info on the event, log on to

Paul McCartney was asked if he felt it was tough over the years to have people feel comfortable critiquing his work during the creative process: “I've never thought about it, to tell you the truth, till people started to point it out; that with the reputation that I've got of having kind of done a lot, that anyone that hasn't quite done as much will be a bit, 'Oh my God — I'm not gonna tell him — you tell him it's rubbish!' I mean, obviously, when you've played stuff to people when you were at the height of the Beatles, it was fairly difficult for them to tell you it wasn't any good. Y'know, it's not a new thing. And so, I normally would kind of say to people, 'No, go on, I encourage you to tell me if it's rubbish,' y'know?”