Pete Townshend's wife, Rachel Fuller, revealed that she and the legendary Who co-founder never talk about death. Fuller, who is 45 — and two years younger than Townshend's older daughter — married Townshend in December 2016 after a 20-year-courtship. She spoke about her 73-year-old husband's health, telling The Mirror, “He is remarkably fit. He is in good shape physically and mentally. I think just keep going until you can’t go any more.”

Fuller, an orchestrator and composer, has received good notices for her new Animal Requiem, created in part in the memory of her and Townshend's deceased dogs. For the project Paul McCartney has allowed Fuller to orchestrate a new musical arrangement around his original 1968 vocal take of “Blackbird.” The Animal Requiem is available digitally and will be available physically on March 8th.

She spoke about how she and Townshend discuss their own death, expalining, “I don’t think there is much point worrying about it. I’m not sure what Pete’s wishes are but once you are gone, you are gone. You do what you like with the body. Pete and I don’t need anything fancy. Put me in a bag in the ground.”

With both Townshend and Fuller workaholic composers, we asked Rachel Fuller why the two don't simply pair up for an album together: “I don't know. I mean, apart from the fact that he and I would probably have fun doing it — we do love working together — I just think it's a bit too cheesy. I just think people would be like: 'blehhhh.' It's great when we work together, and I think doing those shows that we did was an appropriate place for him and I to actually do a couple of things together, but mainstream? No, I just don't think that would work.”