Pete Townshend has made it clear — he and Roger Daltrey won't tour as an acoustic duo. Although the Who recently played acoustically during their four shows at the 2,000-capacity Pryzm in Kingston-Upon-Thames, England, they featured a scaled back band. Townshend, who has played a few promotional gigs acoustically with only him and Daltrey — he feels a full show would throw their respective comfort zones off track: “We do often feel like half a band. I kind of resist the idea of being. . . this sounds horrible, but it's the only way I can describe it; I kind of resist the idea of being Roger's accompanist. Alternatively, I'm sure he would resist the idea of being my straight man. Do you know what I mean? If we ever did a Bruce Springsteen-type show, for example, where we played music and we talked about our story, we would both definitely get laughs — but I might get them most.”

Pete Townshend On Acoustic Duo Who Shows :