Pete Townshend says that the Who is still an ongoing concern because of his closeness to Roger Daltrey. Townshend, who's now 74, and closing out the year with both his first novel, The Age Of Anxiety, and the release of WHO — the band's first new album in 13 years, told England's Yorkshire Post, "I still perform partly because of my ongoing, developing and increasingly affectionate relationship with Roger. When you look back at where we started, I wouldn’t say we despised each other but we had very little in common. Now, we have very little in common but we really care about each other deeply."

Although 45 years ago, you'd be hard pressed to find two bandmembers more at loggerheads — both in public and private — today, the pair seem like old army buddies: "It’s been a surprise and a delight to us both that we found this because we didn’t expect it. We are really comfortable with each other. (Roger) says, 'You’ve got your guitar and your pen, I’ve got my voice.' We meet in the middle and it just happens to be performing."

When pressed as to whether he ever sees a time when he'll stop performing with the Who, Townshend said, "I wonder why this is such an issue. There are so many other things that are happening. We are serving our aging fan base but we are also playing to kids who aren’t over the age of 14 and they scream at me throughout the whole concert. It’s the music, the history, the legend."

Townshend, who has three adult children that live near him and whom he sees frequently, spoke about being the grandfather of two, admitting, "I’m not mad about being a grandparent. I remember my lawyer saying that being a grandparent is like matriculating without doing the study — but it doesn’t feel like that to me." 

During a recent stop in Brighton, England to talk about The Age Of Anxiety, Pete Townshend revealed that the purpose for the novel was to serve as the inspiration for an all new — and possibly final — song cycle: ["And I don't really know yet what shape it will take. I know — it could be a rock opera. I wrote the book so that I could do a larger project. I wanted my last project that I really cared about and put a lot of time into, to be something that I would be able to call a magnum opus. In other words, a big piece."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . a big piece)

The Who will release its 12th studio album, titled WHO, on December 6th.

Pete Townshend On ‘The Age Of Anxiety’ Inspiring Music :