A previously unseen pre-fame Beatles poster has been unveiled. The 1959 advertisement states “The Quarrymen Every Saturday” promoting the band's residency that summer and fall at Liverpool's Casbah Club in West Derby. According to The Daily Beatle (Wogew.blogspot.com), the poster has been discovered by Pete Howard at Postercentral.com, with Pete Best's younger brother, Roag Best, confirming its authenticity. The Casbah Club, which was owned and operated by Pete and Roag's mother Mona Best — was housed in the basement of the Best family home. The Quarrymen at the time consisted of four guitarists — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ken Brown.

According to author Mark Lewisohn's research, the Beatles run — as advertised on the poster — spanned every Saturday evening between August 29th and October 10th, 1959.

Pete Best told us that it's impossible not to be awed by the Casbah's history as it stood as one of the most important local venues the Beatles played: “It still stands there today in its total entirety. John (Lennon) helped paint the Aztec ceiling, Paul (McCartney) did the rainbow ceiling, George (Harrison) painted stars on the actual coffee club itself. Cynthia Lennon was commissioned to paint (a mural of John) Lennon over the fireplace. Y'know, all of that still stands there which is, at the present moment, that's the beauty of the Casbah because it stands in its total originality now as the only Liverpool club that hasn't been touched. It still stands as it was in the '60s.”